The details

2.  Decide your price point

ANNOUNCING:  As of 1/8/2024, the sessions listed below will be by donation only.*  

Drop me an email now letting me know your general availability.  

I'll need your exact (as in EXACTLY from your birth certificate) birth time, date and city/state to get the correct time zone.  

I'm not taking sessions for those who do not know have their exact birth time.

3.  We meet

4.  Ways to pay

Just like most massages, you pay me after your session via cash, PayPal, Cashapp or Venmo. If you were delighted with your session, tips can be added then. I have 4 kiddos and your investment into yourself flows into my family and helps pay for Hope’s gymnastic class, gas money, our giant phone bill, …


*why switching to community support?

Inspired by TikTok's Ismatu Gwendolyn, I'm experimenting with the idea of fortifying and strengthening my community from within.  I'm experimenting with the belief that your time is just as valuable as my time.  I'm experimenting with the what it looks like for me to be anti-capitalist and an information anarchist.  I'm taking a first step toward actually providing my community with mutual aid.

"I must trust the people for care instead of trusting them as a willing and endless site of extraction."  

-Ismatu Gwendolyn