Honor thy son and thy daughter

I birthed 4 kids in 5 years while part of an evangelical cult in Missouri. 

Not quite Amazon Prime's Happy Shiny People series, but I knew parents like that. 

Some of us didn’t enter into parenthood the way others did.

As a girl, I knew I would be a mother because that’s just what little girls grew up to become.
Then at church I learned that God was most pleased if you had a lot of kids.
So when my husband said he always dreamed of having 6 kids, I said let’s start with four.    

By the time my oldest was 12, I’d have left him and be living in my dad’s basement with those four kids.       

I have a defining memory for each kid. 
Snapshots that I’ve taken within my soul. 
Key moments that changed the way I saw them.

I’ve spent the last 8 years deconstructing my early life experiences, my politics, my participation in an evangelical cult and my parenthood. 

Around year one, a friend mentioned Human Design.  
As soon as I got home, I plugged in my birth time and details and hit ENTER.
I then spent the next 2 days hyper fixating on what it means to be a Human Design projector and what a 4/6 profile was.  

I moved onto my kids next.

Finally by the end of the week, I sat back and said something like, “Holy crap–this is gonna change everything about how I relate to these kids.”

It did.  💓