About me

I love my people.

And my people love me.

The end.
Ha.  J/k.  I mean what to say here??

I grew up affluent and unchurched. 
Then I joined a cult via a tantalizing youth group.
Then I married through that cult.
Haven't been affluent since, lol.

Began questioning my evangelical faith
once we moved to a new city and
joined a healthy, non-cult church.

Part of the questioning included questioning
how much suffering in marriage was too much.

As the healthy church people
loved and cared for me with 0 strings attached,
I felt the freedom to depart.
To depart in many ways.
I'll always be grateful to the people
who made up Rolla Vineyard then.

My descent into poverty as a single mom of 4 kids
pretty much changed everything I thought I knew,
as experience tends to do.

I mention it because what I believe now
shapes how I care for people
and what I stand for--and why.  

I hated myself because the church
taught me  I was nothing
without Jesus blood covering my nastiness.

I'm still recovering from
not being able to trust myself.

I never want to see anyone
endure what I did in the name of "love."

Human Design, though entirely unspiritual,
teaches people how to love themselves.
As they are.
What a better message is that?