Life is easier
with a guide

Human Design is the science of what
makes you different. 

And how you can survive this crazy life.

Maybe even thrive a little.

Or a lot.

"Hollie makes

being alive 

a lot more fun."  


So you know about the concept of DNA sequencing right?

Well the Human Design System is like DNA sequencing, but for your personality.

With 9 centers, 64 gates, and 6 flavors within those 64 gates, it’s easy to see how there are thousands of unique combinations within Human Design charts.  

What if personal growth wasn’t about you changing or adding anything to your life but more about peeling back the layers of beliefs put on you over the years?

Wouldn’t it be something if you found out you or your kids already have everything it takes to be satisfied, successful, at peace or experiencing joy in your life?

Imagine how transformative knowing exactly how to make accurate decisions for yourself would be!

After a Human Design Guide Session with me you'll walk away with at least 3 things:

"What you can rely on, you've never relied on in your life.   What you can't trust, you've been trying to trust all your life." -Ra Uru Hu

I'm a single mom to 4 teens

I've seen most everything. 🤣

You are not alone--
Let's get you a little guidance in the right direction.  

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"Being seen like this, the way she does,
it makes people want to be even more of what they already are. 
And that, I think, is priceless." 

Unveiling in-born gifts

Are you ready to discover your natural talents and start ditching beliefs that were never yours in the first place?

Do you want your kid to unlock their true potential while you get to feel more confident in your parenting?  

How about knowing their ideal eating style?  That’s in a person’s chart too!


If you’re ready to explore which societal norms are no longer serving you or your family, then buckle up.  

The short version: Human Design looks at what heavenly bodies were in transit when your soul (my word not Human Design’s) entered it’s meat suit in your mom’s womb (this forms your subconscious), and then again what neutrinos bombarded your meat suit when you exited the womb (this forms your personality).  

This is why the *exact* birth time is needed; charts can potentially change every minute.  And it doesn’t matter if you were born prematurely, by c-section or induced. 

The longer version:  Human Design is the synthesis of several older systems, combining elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system with the goal of providing people an idea of how to live as their individual self.  

It’s far more accurate than popular personality typing systems because it’s not based on questions you answer about yourself, as these are things that could have been programmed into you.  Statements like “I feel uncomfortable when I disagree with someone” could be false for you, but your Dad was such a people pleaser that you internalized his trauma and are now calling it yours.  

It goes beyond astrology because in Human Design, things like Mercury being in retrograde have no impact on whether you should pull aside your boss and talk to them about something bothering you.  Your body can make accurate decisions for itself, always, no matter what is in retrograde.  

The limits of a session with me

Human Design is about experimenting with the blueprint of your unique design, gaining insights into what both positively and negatively drives you, playing with how to make the best decisions for yourself, and discovering what you’re here to see and do. 

Yet it ends where it begins:  as an experiment.


The social media version of Human Design can often tickle the monkey mind, and you might be tempted to come up with a list of dos and don’ts.  

But Human Design has nothing to do with spirituality, it does not support the idea that you manifest your own reality, and it cares nothing about if you actually believe in it or not.  

It’s about you–not some guru–personally experimenting with the information.  Yes I’m a guide, but you and you alone are the best expert on your body.  And your body always knows its truth.  The way you find out is by experimenting with the information.

Human Design asserts that it takes at least 7 years to fully decondition and begin living in alignment with your true self.  I’m not a quick fix.  

Your first session with me will give you a lot of information, but really there’s only two actionable items that matter :  experimenting with how your body is equipped to make decisions and experimenting with how your energy is designed to show up in the world.  

That’s it.

And that’s enough.

So what do you say--are you ready to find out about your true self? 

Email now to set up a session or find out more information!

"The Human Design System is a reading of your genetic code. This ability to be able to detail the mechanics of our nature in such depth is obviously profound because it reveals our complete nature in all its subtleties. 

However, it is not necessary for you to know Human Design in great depth. That is the job of the professional analyst. What this work aspires to communicate is simply the surface mechanics of your nature. This will give you grounding in your life which will immediately bring a difference to your life process.

These essential truths are simple because they are mechanical. The way in which our genes operate is purely mechanical, and the moment we try to interfere with their operation we descend into a life of confusion, chaos, and pain. In the end, our genes will have their way."  -Ra

"The Human Design System is healing people who have the deepest self-hatred."  -Ra

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